What DES Applications can do ?

DES Applications in this early stage of blockchain adoption are coming from the more obvious use cases that leverage features and functionalities of the blockchain technology, such as ICOs, DAOs, and betting applications (or gaming with betting features),along with infrastructure applications as needed like explorers, wallets, exchanges (centralized or decentralized).

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The DES token will appear on the Pancakeswap exchanges on March 31, 2022.

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Blockchain Technology

DES will built upon existing proven blockchain innovations and novel technologies that are created for achieving mass adoption.

Token Name - DES
Token Symbol - DES
Token Decimal - 18
Token Supply - 4.2 Million
Network - Binance Smart Chain
Contract Address - 0x2620ef1896e0fbe30a458a5c815f073226fca96e

Nodes Communication

It is often a safety practice that we code the target function of the target contract such that it can only be invoked by Executor. In this way, we are guaranteed that the action can only be executed after going through the process of on-chain governance. A good example of such a contract is the built-in contract Authority that manages Authority Masternodes

Secure Network

Block finality mechanism grants qualified blocks absolute safety guarantee. Once a block acquires its finality, the consensus will assure that it cannot be modified, replaced or removed from the public ledger even when the network encounters some extremely asynchronous situation such as being subject to large-scale network partitioning.